Travis Filing

For Lancaster County Commissioner
District 3

Why Travis?

Let’s be honest, you’ve probably never heard of me before and there’s a reason for that: I’m not a politician who’s climbing the political ladder, continually running for bigger and bigger offices to satisfy my own political aspirations.

Bottom line? I have no political aspirations.

Outside of Panama, Nebraska, my name has never been on a ballot. I’ve decided to run for District 3 County Commissioner because I’m tired of career politicians and their lack of integrity and support to the residents of our County.

Over the last two decades, our District’s representative – who I’ve previously supported because she tells us exactly what we want to hear – however, her voting record shows she does the exact opposite of what she’s promised. She claims roads and bridges are a priority, all while many of the roads and bridges in rural Lancaster County are closed (some for years now) and crumbling due to lack of funding. She says she’s for lower taxes, but they increase year after year. I’m tired of standing by and watching the needs of our County continue to be neglected.

I’m not asking voters to choose between me and our current representative. I’m asking you to evaluate how our County is performing for you and your family and decide if there’s a better way to govern our County. Our current representative has been in office for 20 years. In that time:

  1. Have your taxes gone down or up?
  2. Are the roads around your home improving, or are they being neglected and crumbling?
  3. Have bridges gotten better and stronger? Are they getting repaired when needed, or are they failing and taking years to fix? 

What about our County Sheriff’s office?  Do you feel as safe as you did 20 years ago? Has the department grown with the population and gotten stronger?  Or has their budget been neglected to make them smaller and ill-equipped?


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